How to Custom Floating Center Caps

How to Custom Floating Center Caps

In recent times, an increasing number of customers express a desire to customize Floating Center Caps for their wheels. This article provides instructions on how to proceed with the customization of Floating Center Caps.

Custom Floating Center Caps for Original Wheels

We encounter two scenarios. In one situation, some customers use the original wheels on their cars. By "original wheel," we mean factory-installed wheels, not aftermarket ones. If you fall into this category, kindly provide the make and year of your car. This information is essential for us to assist you effectively.

Custom Floating Center Caps for aftermarket Wheels

In another scenario, certain customers opt for aftermarket wheels on their cars.

If you have aftermarket rims, please provide four specific measurements. This will enable us to evaluate the feasibility of customization for your specific setup.

we need four specific sizes then we can help you to check,otherwise we can not help you.

Custom Floating Center Caps Sizes That We Need 

We require custom floating center caps in specific sizes. Please assist us with this.

Custom Floating Center Cap size


Before placing an order for Custom Floating Center Caps, it's crucial to assess scenarios where the wheels may not be suitable for these caps.

Please specifically confirm the axle compatibility, as some axles may protrude, as shown in the picture. Wheels with such protruding axles cannot accommodate the installation of Custom Floating Center Caps. This is because these caps have a thickness ranging from 18-22mm, unlike common Floating Center Caps with a thickness of about 3mm.

It's important to note this difference, so kindly address and confirm this issue before proceeding with your order.

How to Custom Floating Center Caps
How to Custom Floating Center Caps

Where to Custom Floating Center Caps ?

If you are looking to customize Floating Center Caps, feel free to reach out to us. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will assist you in checking the customization options.


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